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Clear Disposable Plastic Coats:

Have a safe, secure, and splash free experience with these clear disposable waterproof raincoat with hood. Featuring drawstring hood and elastic sleeve ends, this extra thick disposable rain poncho ensures maximum protection from contaminants, infectious fluids, and other water and air-borne germs, giving you a relaxed and hygienic experience.

Waterproof Coat with Drawstring Hood:

Crafted from premium quality non-toxic PE material, this waterproof raincoat with hood is eco-friendly and recyclable. A perfect emergency and protection covering that is suitable for both men and women, adult and youth. Easy to put on and take-off, the drawstring hood and elastic sleeves gives a complete protection, restricting the entry of fluids or germs from going inside and harming you.

Multi Purpose:

Now you can enjoy the outdoor activities to the fullest without worrying about sudden rain showers with these waterproof raincoat with hood. Offering multitude of application, these clear disposable rain poncho are perfect for enjoying in water parks, amusement parks, camping, hiking, tailgating, fishing, travelling, and any other outdoor activity.

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  • وقوي سداس أسدساه
  • وقوي سداس أسدساه
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